Every week in Victoria, more than 50,000 children go to playgroup. Playgroups are a great way for you and your young child to make friends with other local families and their children. 

They are set up and run by parents and carers, who provide activities for the children to enjoy. Unlike child care, a parent or carer stays with the child for the duration of the playgroup. 

Why are playgroups good for children?

Children love playgroups because they:

  • learn to share through play
  • discover how to get along with other children
  • listen to music and stories
  • improve their abilities to solve problems
  • explore by playing with water and sand and by painting and doing other kinds of art and craft
  • have fun playing outdoors and going on outings and excursions
  • find out more about their world.

Playgroups are good for parents and carers too.

Playgroup is a great place for parents and carers to share their ideas, experiences and worries and make new friends.

At what age can children attend?

Any child under five is welcome. Parents, grandparents, other family members and carers can take children along to playgroup. 

Where can you run a playgroup?

Playgroups can be run anywhere that is safe for children to play and where there is enough room for their parents and carers too. 

They’re often run in:

  • community and neighbourhood centres
  • health clinics
  • preschools and kindergartens
  • church halls
  • or even in someone’s house. 

How much do playgroups cost?

All the activities at playgroups are low cost. Playgroups are non – profit organisations and they are run by, and for, the people who attend. 

How to set up or contact a playgroup

To find a playgroup near your or for information about setting up a new playgroup, contact Playgroup Victoria.   

By joining Playgroup Victoria you get:

  • professional support for activities and play ideas
  • a magazine three times a year
  • advice about resources
  • access to online resources
  • discounts on Playgroup Victoria products
  • training
  • comprehensive insurance. 

Playgroup Victoria is a member of Playgroup Australia. 

Playgroups in Campaspe

For more information contact your local Maternal and Child Health Nurse or check the Playgroup Victoria website.