Public interest disclosures

If you have a complaint to make about improper conduct by a public official or a Victorian authority, including local councils, you are protected by law. 

Victoria's Public Interest Disclosures Act (2012), formerly known as the Protected Disclosure Act, ensures that people who make a complaint (disclosure) about improper conduct and corruption in the Victorian public sector, can do so in the knowledge that they will be protected. Protections include keeping their identity confidential and protecting them from reprisals including bullying, harassment or legal action.

What is a public disclosure?

A public interest disclosure is a complaint by a person about improper conduct by a public officer or body. 

How do I report it? 

Anyone can make a disclosure, both members of the public and employees of a public body. A company or business cannot itself make a public interest disclosure, but its officers or employees can.  

Improper conduct must be either criminal conduct or other conduct specified under the Act. Examples include serious professional misconduct, intentional or reckless breach of public trust and conduct adversely affecting the honest performance of a public officer.

Detrimental action includes harassment or discrimination, or other adverse action taken against the discloser in reprisal for having reported the alleged improper conduct.

Who do I contact? 

Public Interest Disclosure Coordinator:

Governance Adviser
Phone: 5481 2831
Email: [email protected]

Public Interest Disclosure Officers:

Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 5481 2200

Alternative contacts: 

Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC)
GPO Box 24234, Melbourne  VIC 3001
Phone: 1300 735 135
Email: [email protected]

Victorian Ombudsman
Level 1, North Tower, 459 Collins Street, Melbourne  VIC 3000
Phone: 1800 806 314
Email: [email protected]

Further information:

The following documents provide more information:

The procedures have been developed to outline the reporting of disclosures, the investigation of those disclosures, and the protection of persons making the disclosures from detrimental action.

For further information and guidance regarding the legislation please refer to the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012, available on the IBAC website.