Road management plan

Road management plan

Council's Road Management Plan(PDF, 4MB) sets the standards for the maintenance and upgrading of public roads and road assets, like footpaths and drains, in the municipality. 

The plan outlines how Council will routinely inspect and maintain local roads. It includes technical information about:

  • how various road defects or hazards will be addressed
  • how long it should take to repair them, once they’ve been identified
  • Council’s plans to manage the road network, within budget.

The aim is to ensure the community gets a well-maintained road system that offers good value while addressing social, safety, environmental and transport network concerns. 

Temporary suspension of Road Management Plan due to flooding event 

Following the flood event in October 2022 and other rain events a buildup of reactive road inspections and maintenance grading for gravel and earth roads and road inspections, excluding the suspension at present for flood damaged gravel, earth and sealed roads, has been recorded. For this reason, council has reviewed the Road Management Plan (the Plan) regarding maintenance grading and programmed inspection schedules for roads and other road related infrastructure timeframes.

Therefore, Council is temporarily unable to comply with the Plan. Accordingly based on Section 83 and 84 of the Victorian Wrongs Act, Council has suspended the Plan to extend the response times to undertake programme inspections (roads and road related infrastructure and maintenance grading.)

The suspension is effective from 30 April until 31 October 2023 for some flood impacted gravel and earthen roads, and from 18 September until 31 March 2024 for some flood impacted sealed roads.

Click the links below to view the Road Management Plan Suspension Notices and full list of flood impacted roads.

Road Management Plan Suspension Notice(PDF, 83KB) - 30 April to 31 October 2023

Road Management Plan Suspension - Attachment A - Flood Impacted Roads(PDF, 202KB) - 30 April to 31 October 2023

Road Management Plan Suspension Notice(PDF, 83KB) - 18 September 2023 - 31 March 2024.

Council will continue to work on roads within the confines of weather conditions and the municipality considers it safe and reasonable to do so and undertake reactive road and road related infrastructure inspections. The changes as advised will be reviewed and stakeholders notified of any further changes.

Register of public roads

Under the Road Management Act, Council must keep a Register of Public Roads, showing the roads it’s responsible for. Council and other authorities responsible for roads in Campaspe, such as Regional Roads Victoria (formerly VicRoads), will have separate registers. 

By searching our you should be able to determine if a particular road in Campaspe is Council’s responsibility and therefore your first point of contact regarding that road.

The sorts of roads that aren’t Council responsibility include main roads and tracks through Crown Land. These are managed by other road authorities such as Regional Roads Victoria (formerly VicRoads) and the Department of Environment. Land, Water & Planning (DELWP).