Councillor allowances & expenses

Mayors and councillors are entitled to receive an allowance while performing their duty as an elected official. The Victorian Government sets the upper and lower levels for allowances paid to councillors. There are three categories of councils based upon physical size, budget and population.

Council is required to review allowance levels by 30 June in the year following a general election. The allowance level determined remains in effect for the full term of the council, subject to annual automatic adjustments by the Minister for Local Government.

The allowances paid includes a 10% allowance in lieu of superannuation.

Current mayoral and councillor allowances are set at the maximum allowable in the pre-requisite category:

• Mayor: $81,204 per annum (plus the equivalent of the superannuation guarantee of 10%)

• Councillor: $26,245 per annum (plus the equivalent of the superannuation guarantee of 10%)

Council last reviewed the level of allowances on 19 May 2021.

An important reform of the Local Government Act 2020 is the transfer of responsibilities in determining mayoral and councillor allowances to the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal (the Remuneration Tribunal).

Under the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal and Improving Parliamentary Standards Act 2019 (Vic) (VIRTIPS Act), the Remuneration Tribunal is required to make Determinations setting the values of the allowances, including allowance categories, payable to Mayors, Deputy Mayors and Councillors.

On 17 June 2021, the Minister for Local Government requested that the Tribunal make the first Determination. The Determination will have effect from the 18 December 2021 — six months from the day the Tribunal received the Minister’s request.

Reimbursement of expenses

The Local Government Act 2020 provides that Council must reimburse Councillors for out-of-pocket expenses which have been incurred in the performance of their role as Councillor.

Expenses can be claimed in respect of:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation and Meals
  • Child and Family Care
  • Registration Fees

In addition, Council is committed to supporting Councillors to effectively undertake their duties by providing appropriate resources.

The Councillor Expenditure Policy(PDF, 9MB) provides the necessary governance around claiming expenses.