Councillor allowances & expenses

The Local Government Act provides for the Mayor and Councillors to be paid an allowance, to enable them to be provided with appropriate equipment and support during their term.

To properly represent their communities and carry out their legal responsibilities, Councillors often need to work long hours and travel. To assist Councillors in meeting their obligations, they are provided with equipment and support such as mobile phones, iPads, meals when they are attending meetings at meal times, and reimbursement of official travel costs. The Mayor is also provided with a vehicle. Council has a policy which outlines the support available to the Mayor and Councillors, at link(PDF, 376KB).

The Mayor and Councillors are also entitled to be paid an allowance. The Local Government Act 1989 sets the allowance payable to Mayors and Councillors in Victoria, setting minimum and maximum amounts. Each Council has discretion within an allowable range to determine the allowances it will pay to its Mayor and Councillors.

To increase transparency, the allowances and expenses of the Mayor and Councillors is presented to a Council meeting quarterly.

Expenses for the period 1 July 2019 to 31 December 2019 is available here, Councillor-expense-summary.pdf(PDF, 158KB)