Council welcomes and supports volunteers who would like to make a difference in their community. Volunteers at Council are engaged in areas where they can make a difference to the health, wellbeing and lifestyle of our community.

Volunteering encourages participation in community life and fosters a sense of value and belonging. It gives people the opportunity to develop social networks, which improves overall health and wellbeing. 

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers are involved with many different programs and services throughout Campaspe. 

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These include:

Community support services to eligible older persons and persons with disabilities

  • Community transport – transport to out of town medical appointments

These include: 

Library services

  • Library Outreach - Books on Wheels, Words on Wheels, Talking Newspaper, Next Chapter Book Club
  • Library support – collection maintenance, program preparation, tech support, literacy support
  • Library depot support – book distribution and various administration tasks at small town library depots

Animal Shelter

  • Animal shelter support – animal enrichment (grooming, walking, exercising, spending time with animals, toy making)
  • Animal foster carer – provide animal care and animal respite in your own home 

More information

If you are interested in volunteering for Council or would like further information about volunteer opportunities available, please contact 1300 666 535.