Roadside conservation

Roadside conservation

In 2014, Council conducted thorough surveys of native vegetation along the 7,040 km of Campaspe’s roadsides. It rated each area according to:

  • proportion of remnant vegetation
  • percentage of weed cover
  • degrees of site disturbance
  • potential habitat value
  • presence of threatened species (flora and fauna)
  • width of road reserve

Council planned for their preservation by developing the following:

  • Roadside Conservation Strategy(PDF, 4MB) - a strategic document, outlining the value of roadside conservation, Council's responsibilities and guiding principles for protecting roadsides, linking through to legislation and the Campaspe Planning Scheme.
  • Community Roadside Management Handbook(PDF, 801KB) - to assist the general community, including landowners, fire prevention agencies and Landcare groups, when undertaking works on roadsides, such as cropping, slashing, mowing, ploughing, spraying.
  • Roadside Environmental Code of Practice Handbook(PDF, 1MB) - tailored to the requirements of road construction and maintenance contractors when undertaking activities on roadsides, such as native vegetation removal, firewood collection, road maintenance and construction.

roadside conservation map(PDF, 1MB)  is available rating the conservation value of the roadsides across the shire.

Northern Plains Conservation Management

The Northern Plains Conservation Management Network (CMN) works with the community and government to preserve important remnants of grassland and grassy woodland sites across the Patho Plains in Campaspe’s North Central Catchment area. Council supports this important work. More information at