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Parking legend

The following maps are available to assist accessibility and cycling in Echuca:


The following map is available for Rochester:

Metered parking

The Echuca Central Business District has two types of metered parking, metered on-street parking and metered car parks. The district also has time restricted parking of two hours. Parking signs indicate the time restriction period.  

Parking can be paid by:

  • PayStay, using the mobile phone app, or
  • Pay & display

Using PayStay

The app can be downloaded to your mobile device for free.

When parking:

  1. Enter your location code. Tap in the location you wish to pay in, as advertised on the street signage.
  2. Start your session.
  3. On return to vehicle, stop your session.

The app will remind you when you are nearing the time limit for the zone you are parked in. 

Using pay & display

Access the closest meter, pay for parking and print ticket. The ticket must be clearly displayed, with the correct side showing, not showing “other side up”. If the closest meter is faulty, a ticket can be purchased from any nearby ticket machine.

Metered on-street parking

  • Tickets have a green stripe.
  • The tickets can be used in any on-street metered parking areas until the ticket time expires. The tickets cannot be used in car parks.

Metered car parks

  • Tickets have a red stripe.
  • The tickets can be used in the two off-street car parks, Nish Street car park and the High Street car park. The tickets cannot be used for on-street parking. 

Disabled parking

There are two types of disabled parking permits, blue and green.

Blue permit holders

  • Blue permit holders can use disabled parking bays and do not have to pay when using disabled bays.
  • If parking outside a disabled parking bay, a ticket must be purchased, the time limit is double the time limit provided on the ticket.

Green permit holders

  • Green permit holders are not able to use disabled parking bays.
  • Permit holders are provided double the time limit provided on the ticket. 

Disabled parking permit holders are not permitted to use bus zones, caravan zones or loading zones.

Disabled parking permits must be current and clearly displayed.