Road closures

Road closures

From time to time, landowners approach Council requesting that a road, or section of road be closed.

The applicant must meet all costs associated with the road closure, and may also need to pay the value of the land arising from the closure. Campaspe Shire Council will follow Local Government Act 1989 requirements and Council's procedures for the road closure.

Approvals for B-Double and Higher Mass Limits

Anyone wanting to drive an over-dimensional or over-mass vehicle on a local road must apply for a permit from the National Higher Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) which is based in Canberra.

Permits are generally issued for the use of over-dimensional or over-mass vehicles on local roads as long as the road does not include a bridge with a load limit. Permits are for a specified period of time.

NHVR refers the application to Council.

Visit the National Higher Vehicle Regulator website for more information.