Camping and RV services

Caravanners, campers and other RV drivers love visiting Campaspe Shire to explore its history, wetlands, wineries and more.

Use the following information when planning your next trip to Campaspe.


Thousands of campers enjoy holidaying in the Shire or Campaspe every year. To make it an enjoyable experience for everyone, please take a look at the following rules about camping in Campaspe before you arrive. 

And have a great time in Campaspe! 

Camping on Council land 

If you want to set up your campsite on Council-owned or managed land, you need a permit. 

You must also:

  • keep the campsite clean and tidy
  • dispose of all rubbish and other waste at a Council authorised disposal point before you leave
  • have an approved toilet facility
  • bury toilet waste at least 100 metres from any river, stream, creek, dam, bore or watercourse
  • if directed to, have a chemical toilet
  • dispose of the chemical toilet waste at an approved place or you could be fined. 

You must NOT:

  • camp within 20 metres of any river, stream, spring, creek, dam, bore or watercourse
  • dispose of any soap, detergent or similar substance less than 50 metres from any river, stream, spring, creek, dam, bore or watercourse. 

When deciding whether to approve a camping permit on Council-owned or managed land, we will consider:

  • the location
  • the planning zone
  • is it suitable for camping
  • how many tents or other structures will be at the campsite
  • how long the tents etc will remain at the campsite
  • sanitary facilities
  • whether any damage may be caused
  • any other relevant information. 


If you want to light a campfire on Council-owned or managed land you must make sure that the fire is:

  • set in a 30cm deep trench
  • no bigger than 1m2
  • at least 3 metres away from any vegetation
  • always monitored by an adult
  • fully extinguished when it’s not being watched by an adult
  • not within 7.5 metres of a log or stump. 


  • You can only use dry solid fuel.
  • You must have water handy to extinguish the fire.
  • You can only light the fire if the wind speed is below 10kph. 

Rules for specific Campaspe campsites

Camping at Aysons Reserve, Rochester

If you camp at Aysons Reserve, Rochester:

  • You need a permit if you want to stay longer than 3 days and 2 nights, there is no charge.
  • You can only park one caravan at the reserve.
  • You can't spend more than 28 days a year camping at the reserve.

The general rules about campsite tidiness, toilets and waste disposal also apply. 

Complete online application

Once submitted, your application will be emailed to you. This must be kept as your permit.

Camping at Lockington Travellers Rest 

If you just want to camp one night at the Lockington Travellers Rest, you don’t need a permit. But if you stay longer, a permit is needed. 

Complete online application

Find free campsites along the Murray River 

There are many beautiful spots to camp along the Murray River where you can do so for free. Visit the Parks Victoria website for more information.

Recreational vehicle (RV) services

The following dump points are available in the Shire of Campaspe and adjoining townships to support RV tourists: 



Aysons Reserve
799 Burnewang Road, Burnewang


Rochester Caravan Park
1 Church Street, Rochester


Echuca Holiday Park
52 Crofton Street, Echuca

free if staying
$15 for others

Echuca Rotary Park
17 Rose Street, Echuca

Donation box

Girgarre Camp Ground
Morgan Crescent, Girgarre


Kyabram Fauna Park
75 Lake Road, Kyabram


Lockington Travellers Rest
Panoo Road, Lockington



Dump points located outside the Shire of Campaspe:



Rich River Golf Club
Twenty four Lane, Moama


Cobb Highway, Mathoura