Floods and storms

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1. Overview

Storms and floods can pose a serious threat to property and life, and can occur at any time of the year.

The Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) is the control agency for flood, storm, landslide, tsunami and earthquake emergencies.

To find out if your residential or business property is at risk of flood damage, view the Campaspe Shire Council Local Flood Guide on the Victorian SES website.

Preparing for floods and storms

Being adequately prepared for a flood can reduce the risk of significant damage to your property, and keep you and your family safe. It may also mean that the cleanup and recovery from a flood is easier to manage.

For flood-specific preparation advice, visit Get Ready – Flood on the Victorian SES website.

See our Before emergencies – are you prepared? page for general information about creating a plan, preparing yourself and your property, and reviewing your insurance.

2. Flood and storm warnings

Warnings are issued by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) to tell people about possible flooding.

A Flood Watch means there is a developing weather pattern that might cause floods in one or two days.

A Flood Warning means flooding is about to happen or is already happening. There are minor, moderate and major flood warnings.

Check the status of current flood warnings at the BoM website.

Stay informed

VicEmergency is the central place for warnings and information on all hazards, including fire, flood, storm, tsunami, earthquake, landslide and more. Download the VicEmergency app to your phone or tablet via the App Store or Google Play today.

See our Stay informed page for more information about how to access information via a range of sources.

3. Trees in floods and storms

Storms and floods can cause significant damage to trees. 

  • If you have an emergency tree-related issue on your property, eg a tree has fallen and damaged your home, or is blocking your exit, call VIC SES on 132 500.
  • If you become aware that a tree or tree branch on Council property has become unsafe or has fallen down and needs urgent attention, call Council:
    • During business hours - Customer Service on 03 5841 2200
    • Outside business hours - Emergency After Hours Service on 03 5481 2200

If you would like to bring Council's attention to a tree issue on Council property that is not urgent, please complete this online request form.