What works require a permit

You don’t always need a building permit for building projects. However, you must make sure all building projects, even those that don’t require a permit, meet building regulations.

If you are an owner-builder, you must carry out a self-assessment to ensure the project is compliant.

If you are a developer or owner-builder, there are important Commonwealth telecommunication rules you need to comply with. For more information visit website.

Check the list below for common types of building projects and whether they require a permit. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact the Building Services team at Council.

Type Works Building permit required?
Additions To a dwelling or any other building Yes
Alterations  Structural alterations to a dwelling or any other building Yes
  Removal of or alteration to a load bearing part of a building Yes
  Remodelling a bathroom or kitchen, replacing internal walls cladding (like for like) that does not include structural alterations No
Carports & garages Building a garage/ carport larger than 10m2 in area  Yes
  Demolishing a freestanding garage/ carport, not made of masonry, not more than 40m2 in floor area, is not a building on the Heritage Register and the work will not adversely affect public safety or those occupying the building No
Decks Building a deck Yes
Fences  Building a side fence up to 2m high No
  Building a brick front fence more than 1.2m high Yes
  Building a timber front fence less than 1.5m in height and not within 9m of a point of intersection of street alignments No
  Building a side or boundary fence more than 2m high  Yes
  Building a fence that is more than 1m high, and not within 9m of a point of intersection of street alignments (corner block) Yes
  Building a chain wire tennis court fence No
Hail netting  Hail netting that is permeable and used for agricultural purposes supported on posts not greater than 3m in height with tensioned cables fixed to the ground No
Masts, antennas, satellite dishes  Height more than 3m above the highest point of a building  Yes
  Not attached to a building and height more than 8m above the ground Yes
Re-blocking  Re-blocking, restumping or underpinning an existing building Yes
Retaining walls  Constructed on or near site boundaries (any height) where there is a risk of damage of adjoining property Yes
  Building a retaining wall 1m or more in height Yes
  Building a retaining wall less than 1m not associated with any building work or with protection of adjoining property No
Roofing Replacing corrugated iron roofing with concrete or terracotta roofing tiles Yes
  Replacing concrete or terracotta roofing tiles with corrugated iron roofing. (This can affect the wind up lift on the roof structure).  Yes
  Replacing corrugated iron roofing with similar corrugated iron sheeting ("Colourbond") and no replacement of structural battens. No
  Replacing corrugated iron roofing with another pre-finished metal sheeting which requires the installation of structural battens. No
Sheds associated with a single dwelling  Building a freestanding shed, 10m2 or less in area, 3m less in height, setback 1m or more from the boundary and located no further forward than the front wall of the single dwelling  No
  Building a shed more than 10m2 in area  Yes
Signs More than 1m in height and within 3m of the street alignment Yes
  More than 8m above ground level and 6m2 in display area Yes
Swimming pools, spas  Building a swimming pool or spa greater than 300mm in depth Yes
  Swimming pool fencing Yes
Verandah Building a verandah Yes
Windows Replacing windows with similar type windows, where no structural alterations are required No
  Installing 'bay' or 'corner' type windows, where structural alterations are required  Yes
Wood heater Installing a wood heater (solid fuel burning appliances) No