Planning permits are usually required for land subdivisions. The subdivision may be a complex new housing development or simply splitting two homes on one lot into two individually titled properties. Planning permits may also be needed to create new lots, realign boundaries, create or remove easements and remove restrictions.

The subdivision process involves three steps:

  1. getting a planning permit for your subdivision
  2. obtaining certification
  3. obtaining a statement of compliance.

If you need information or advice about applying for a subdivision planning permit, please contact our Planning Unit.

If you are developing, there are important Commonwealth telecommunication rules you need to comply with. More information is available at website.

Step 1: Planning permit for subdivision

You must apply to Council for a planning permit for your subdivision. As part of the application assessment, there may be referrals to servicing authorities and owners of affected properties may be notified. If the application meets the necessary requirements, a planning permit may be granted. The permit will include specific conditions for the subdivision which must be met.

Step 2: Certification

Certifying a plan of subdivision is an administrative step to ensure the subdivision plan meets requirements. The Plan of Subdivision for Certification is referred to the relevant servicing authorities who check whether their services will need easements. Once these authorities are happy, the Plan of Subdivision the plan can be certified. A certified plan is valid for five years. If the plan is not registered at the Titles Office within that time, the plan expires.

Step 3: Statement of Compliance

A Statement of Compliance is the final document in the subdivision process. It is needed so the subdivision can be registered at the Titles Office and the release of the new titles by the Titles Office.  A Statement of Compliance will not be issued until all conditions of the planning permit have been met. Usually these conditions require services and infrastructure to be put in place.


Council is an active partner of the SPEAR (Streamlined Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals) Subdivision program.

Spear Subdivisions manage applications online, including lodgement, requests for further information, referrals, advertising, approvals and tracking of applications.

Visit the SPEAR website to view current applications or to lodge an application.