Letter of support requests

Council’s formal support for specific programs, projects and events within the shire could be a significant factor in groups or individuals securing funding support from a range of sources such as government, private benefactors, community banks, or sporting codes.

Council receives requests for letters of support for a diverse range of projects, many relating to applications for grant funding.

Guidelines outline how Council assesses these requests efficiently and equitably. The key objectives are to ensure:

  • Letters of support are provided for purposes that align with Council’s strategic priorities and values.
  • Applicants receive as much support as possible for projects within Campaspe Shire.

Projects that affect Council owned assets

These projects have the potential to impact Council’s asset register, maintenance works schedules, and long-term financial plans and budgets.

The Council Plan(PDF, 10MB) outlines Council’s four strategic objectives, explaining what the organisation is working towards, and how those goals will be achieved during the four year Council term. A key strategic objective is to ensure that services and assets meet current and future community need. The strategies identified to assist in achieving that goal include:

  • Managing and maintaining assets to optimise their lifecycle considering social, economic and environmental sustainability.
  • Planning and advocating for services and infrastructure to meet community need.
  • Maximising access and usage of assets through innovative design and partnership initiatives.
  • Relinquishing services and assets that no longer meet community need.

Letters of support involving Council assets must be considered with this objective in mind.

How to request a letter of support

A request for a letter of support must be submitted online.

Apply here

The request should provide sufficient information to enable Council to make an informed decision to either support, or decline, your request.

All requests will be assessed in a fair, equitable and unbiased manner. Requests must align with the five strategic objectives outlined in the Council Plan(PDF, 10MB) .

Your request can be saved while preparing. Once completed, please submit. You will receive an email with copy of your submitted application.

Please note requests must be submitted in a timely manner to enable evaluation to be undertaken.  

Letters will not be provided for

Letters of support will not be provided if:

  • The objectives of the request do not align with the Council Plan.
  • Council is applying for funding from the same funding body and it is considered the project will be in direct competition with Council’s application.
  • Council operates the same, or similar, program.
  • There is an expectation to continue the project beyond the specified timeframe.
  • Contributions, not approved in advance by Council, are required.


This flowchart(PDF, 54KB) provides an outline of the process followed to assess your letter of support.