Campaspe Economic Development and Tourism strategy review

Published on 24 March 2023

Port of Echuca

Campaspe Shire Council has agreed to amend the proposed timeline for the delivery of the Campaspe Economic and Tourism Development strategy and incorporate tourism, from April until September 2023.

The strategy, which will include tourism as part of its scope, is to be informed by a discussion paper which Campaspe Shire Council Mayor Rob Amos said has been delayed as a result of the October 2022 floods and follow up recovery phase.

“Council has prioritised flood recovery activities over the past few months and with staff resources being redeployed during that period, as well as the induction of a new CEO, there has been an understandable delay in development of the paper.”

“The project scope for the development of the paper and subsequent Campaspe Economic and Tourism Development Strategy has been amended to incorporate a deeper dive into tourism and the impacts of COVID and flooding on the economy.”

“In the wake the flooding and with the subsequent delay in the development of the discussion paper, we have an opportunity to incorporate new statistics and census information which will give us a broader and better economic overview.

“Council has advised its key stakeholders that further investment in tourism will be reviewed as part of the 2023/2024 budget.

“A revised project plan has been prepared, identifying the finalisation of the discussion paper for engagement and discussion by mid-April with the aim to complete the strategy by mid-September.”

Council also agreed to reopen the Business Assistance Grants Program which had previously been suspended pending completion of the Campaspe Economic and Tourism Development Strategy.

“With the extension of the date for completion of the Strategy now scheduled for September, Council recognises that the grants program needs to reopen in this financial year in order to allocate budgeted funding

“I would encourage businesses to review the criteria and put forward an application when Round 2 opens in April.”