Youth programs

Youth programs

Thanks to Engage! Program funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, Campaspe has designed an exciting program of opportunities for young people in Campaspe from 2018-2020.

Our aim is to support young people to get involved in our community, participate in planning and decision making and get access to the education, training and employment they need for happy, successful lives.

There are some great projects underway that are sure to appeal to a broad range of interests including:

  • Youth charter
  • Media team
  • Get cultured
  • Leadership training
  • Make it yours
  • Get informed
  • Get down to business
  • Community organisation development.

Youth Charter - Young people in Campaspe have led the way in developing this charter, outlining how Council works with young people. The Campaspe Youth Charter(PDF, 201KB) sets out guiding principles that form the foundation of Council's commitment to engaging with youth.

Media team - With support from the Youth Engagement Officer, the Media Team is responsible for the day to day management of the Campaspe Youth Facebook Page - Click Campaspe. 

Get cultured offers professional and personal training for young people in Campaspe who want to express their creativity through photography, writing, art, filmmaking and more, which can then be exhibited through community facilities, improving cultural networks and connections.

Leadership training is run annually, focusing on building confidence and self-esteem. It’s linked in with the Make It Yours initiative.

Make it yours works through local schools, and supports young people to develop projects to improve their community or tackle a local issue. They are then linked in with relevant community organisations and given funding by Council to complete their project.

Get informed aims to give young people a voice in Council and community and empowers them to have their opinions heard. It ensures that young people with an interest in being involved in local projects and decision making have a voice.

Get down to business links young people with job networks and training centres to provide simple, user-friendly, job-readiness preparation and training support.

Community organisation development - This is where we support organisations that want to work with young people, by making sure they have the necessary skills and mind set to do this. This is led by young people themselves.

Campaspe Shire Council acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government in these programs.

For more information, call 1300 666 535 and ask to speak with our Youth Engagement Officer.