Campaspe's beginning

Campaspe Shire Council was formed on 18 November 1994 following a Victorian Government restructure of the state’s municipalities. Two hundred and five local governments were restructured into 78, Campaspe among them.

Initially, our new shire included:

  • the former Shires of Deakin and Rochester
  • most of the former Shire of Waranga
  • small portions of the Shire of Rodney
  • all of the Town of Kyabram and City of Echuca.

On 27 January 1995, small portions of the former Shire of Cohuna (Gunbower area) and Shire of Gordon were added, giving the council its current geographic area. 

Your councillors

The last local government elections were held in October 2016, with nine councillors elected across Campaspe’s five wards. The next local government election is due in October 2020.

Cr Annie Vickers, Echuca Ward

Annie Vickers headshot Small

Cr Annie Vickers

Mobile:   0429 539 658

Email:     [email protected]

Cr Daniel Mackrell, Echuca Ward

Daniel Mackrell headshot Small

Cr Daniel Mackrell

Mobile:   0429 517 535

Email:     [email protected]

Cr Kristen Munro, Echuca Ward

Kristen Munro headshot Small

Cr Kristen Munro

Mobile:   0429 473 056

Email:     [email protected]

Cr Neil Pankhurst, Kyabram Deakin Ward

Neil Pankhurst headshot Small

Cr Neil Pankhurst

Mobile:   0429 858 992

Email:     [email protected]

Cr Vicki Neele, Kyabram Deakin Ward

Vicki Neele headshot Small

Cr Vicki Neele

Mobile:   0429 535 016

Email:     [email protected]

Cr John Zobec, Kyabram Deakin Ward

John Zobec headshot Small

Cr John Zobec

Mobile:   0418 213 413

Email:     [email protected]

Cr Leigh Wilson, Rochester Ward

Leigh Wilson headshot Small

Cr Leigh Wilson

Mobile:   0429 842 111

Email:     [email protected]

Cr Adrian Weston, Mayor, Waranga Ward

Adrian Weston headshot Small

Cr Adrian Weston

Mobile:   0428 320 464

Email:     [email protected]

Cr Leanne Pentreath, Western Ward

Leanne Pentreath headshot Small

Cr Leanne Pentreath

Mobile:   0428 862 201

Email:     [email protected]





Allowances & expenses

The Local Government Act provides for the Mayor and councillors to be paid an allowance, to enable them to be provided with appropriate equipment and support during their term.

To properly represent their communities and carry out their legal responsibilities, councillors often need to work long hours and travel. To assist councillors in meeting their obligations, they are provided with equipment and support such as mobile phones, iPads, meals when they are attending meetings at meal times, and reimbursement of official travel costs. The Mayor is also provided with a vehicle. The council has a policy which outlines the support available to the Mayor and councillors. It can be found here Councillor Support Entitlements.

The Mayor and councillors are also entitled to be paid an allowance. The Local Government Act 1989 sets the allowance payable to Mayors and councillors in Victoria, setting minimum and maximum amounts. Each council has discretion within an allowable range to determine the allowances it will pay to its Mayor and councillors.

To increase transparency, the allowances and expenses of the Mayor and councillors will be updated quarterly.

2016-17 councillor expenses