2022-2023 Rates Relief Package for flood impacted properties

Published on 22 March 2023

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Campaspe Shire Council has announced a package of rates relief in 2022-2023 for properties impacted by the October 2022 floods.

Campaspe Mayor Cr Rob Amos said the package is a key part of the broad range of supports and resources Council is providing to help those impacted by the floods.

“Last October’s flood had a devastating impact on properties across Campaspe,” Cr Amos said.

“While various government grants have been available to businesses and primary producers, providing rate relief to flood-impacted properties is the most equitable economic way Council can help ratepayers.

“About 1,000 properties have already had rate adjustments by the Victorian Valuer General as they have had a secondary impact assessment and been through the supplementary rates process.

“However, owing to the sheer volume of flood-impacted properties and difficulty in contacting some people still living in temporary accommodation, not all impacted properties have been assessed.

“Using the North Central Catchment Management Authority’s (CMA) flood mapping we have been able to identify another 1,508 properties yet to be assessed. All of these properties will receive rate relief this financial year.”

The following rate adjustments form the basis of the package:

  1. The $200 Municipal Charge will be credited to all properties that have had a secondary impact assessment and been through the Supplementary Rates process, with their rates already adjusted by the Victorian Valuer General.

  2. The $200 Municipal Charge will be credited and a 50% rate reduction, pro rata from 14 October 2022 to 30 June 2023, will be applied to all properties identified within the North Central Catchment Management Authority’s (CMA) flood mapping zone and which have not yet had a secondary impact assessment or been through the supplementary rates process.

All ratepayers identified as flood-impacted will receive a letter in the next few weeks explaining the rate adjustments, along with a frequently-asked-questions sheet.

“If a ratepayer does not receive a letter from Council by the end of April and believes they are eligible for a rate adjustment for their flood-impacted property, we encourage them to call Council to discuss their individual circumstances,” Cr Amos said.

Community pop-up sessions will also be held so ratepayers can speak directly to Council representatives. These will be held on:

Thursday, 23 and 30 March, from 9am - 4pm

Rochester Council Service Centre (former Commonwealth Bank building)

Shop 6, 2 Gillies Street, Rochester

Since the waters receded, Council has been conducting an extensive process of secondary impact assessments of all residential properties.

“These assessments have now been completed for most flood-impacted areas in Campaspe, except in Rochester where the process is still underway, Cr Amos said.

“We encourage all flood-impacted ratepayers who have not yet had a secondary impact assessment to contact Council on 1300 666 535 as soon as possible.”

Once all outstanding property secondary impact assessments are complete, properties may still be subject to the Supplementary Rates process by the Victorian Valuer General.

“We hope that the rate adjustments provide some relief to those directly impacted by the floods,” Cr Amos said.

“However, we understand that the flood event may have affected people beyond property impacts and this may affect their ability to pay their rates. If you believe you may have difficulty paying your rates or would like to discuss any other aspect of your 2022-2023 rates, please contact our Rates Department on 1300 666 535.”

The estimated cost of the Rates Relief Package to Council is $1.128 million. The final figure will be known once the secondary assessment process is completed and the rate adjustments have been applied to all qualifying properties.

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