Campaspe Port Enterprise update

Published on 24 June 2022

Council businesses

In December last year, Campaspe Shire Council announced the appointment of a six-member Board to the Campaspe Port Enterprise (CPE).

Mayor, Cr Chrissy Weller said the Board was set up under the Beneficial Enterprise model where the skills-based Board of Directors have the delegated Council authority to undertake management of Council activities within the Port of Echuca Precinct. CPE is responsible to Council for the successful operation of the Campaspe Port and report regularly to Council on outcomes.

“One of the key priorities of the Board was to appoint an Executive General Manager, to oversee the management of the port and future business opportunities,” Cr Weller said.

“Once in place, the Executive General Manager will assist the Board in transitioning the business activities across.”

Board Chairperson, Ms Joanne Butterworth-Gray said, “the Board has been actively recruiting for an Executive General Manager, however it is a tight market place, and this is a very important decision – one that we must get right, so it takes time.”

“The delay in the appointment will delay the transition of business, now set to be completed by 1 October 2002.

“We held our first Board meeting in February this year and have continued to meet monthly to progress establishing CPE’s business and governance requirements.

“To date the CPE Board has established a Board Charter, opened a bank account, and delivered an Transitional Corporate Plan 2023 to Council.”

The six-member Board was appointed in December. The Directors, Joanne Butterworth-Gray (Chairperson), Suzana Bishop, Jim Cosgriff, Dr Jacqueline Jennings, Craig Opie and Andrew Paxton bring a range of skills, working across many business sectors, including board experience at international, national and state levels. Campaspe Shire Council selected the Beneficial Enterprise model for the management model after reviewing options across a number of years.