Mosquito management is on the move

Published on 29 November 2021

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Campaspe Shire Council’s annual mosquito management program is currently underway.

Environmental Health Officers have been patrolling the insect’s favourite breeding sites since last week, starting the trapping process.

General Manager Development, Paul McKenzie reiterated the importance of the management program.

“We often think of mosquitos as just annoying pests, but the arbovirus they carry can lead to serious viral diseases. Anyone who’s ever had Ross River or Barmah Forest virus knows just how sick a mozzie bite can make you.”

“The mosquito management program will run from now until the end of March. Officers will be on the lookout for stagnant waterways like drainage channels and lagoons and will be checking for mosquito breeding activity. Officers will monitor these areas and determine whether treatment is required.

Once the program is completed, the recorded breeding sites provide valuable information to the Department of Health.

Mr McKenzie encouraged community members to be cautious of mosquito bites as the weather warmed up.

“There’s a couple of common sense protective measures you can take; wearing long sleeves, using a repellent that contains DEET (diethyltoluamide) or picaridin, and trying to avoid being out during dusk and dawn.”

“You should also check your fly screens, use mosquito netting where necessary and make sure there’s no stagnant water close to your home.”

For more information on mosquito protection, go to and search ‘Beat the Bite’.

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