Rochester silo art


Nestled on the banks of the Campaspe River, the area around Rochester was originally known as 'Yalooka'. Sitting on the floodway, Rochester is an agricultural community centred around dairying, tomato growing and meat production.

In recent history, the Rochester Silo Art, Mural Festival and Sports Museum, have made Rochester a haven for tourists, who enjoy the many cafes, hotels and holiday parks during their stay.

Rochester boasts a hospital, supermarket, primary and secondary school, many recreation facilities and streets of thriving small businesses.

Place Based Planning

Place Based Plans focus on making places better. The process involves looking at, listening to, and engaging with community members who live, work and play in a particular place (from a street to an entire town) to understand their needs and aspirations. Ultimately, what do you want your town to look like, to feel like? 

Nominations have closed to join the Place Based Plan Committee. Nominees will be contacted, however due to the current flooding situation, this contact may be delayed. 

Township Facility Planning

Township Facility Planning looks at the future of the town's assets and identifies whether a facility should be renewed, upgraded, repurposed or retired.

Rochester is yet to start Township Facility Planning. Nominations are expected to be called for the committee in January or February 2023.