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Rushworth is one of Victoria's iconic gold rush towns, established during the height of the gold rush in 1853. Following the collapse of the gold rush in the 1870s, the district moved from mining to timber. Sawmills flourished in the area until around the 1940s.

With such 'rich' history, Rushworth boasts it's own museum, heritage walk and many historic buildings, including the Criterion Hotel, St Paul's Anglican Church and the many shopfronts of High Street. 

Located by the Rushworth State Forest and Whroo Historic Reserve, Rushworth's surrounds are known for its dense and colourful flora and fauna. Waranga Basin is also a popular fishing and recreational destination.

Place Based Planning

Place Based Plans focus on making places better. The process involves looking at, listening to, and engaging with community members who live, work and play in a particular place (from a street to an entire town) to understand their needs and aspirations. Ultimately, what do you want your town to look like, function like and feel like?

The Rushworth Place Based Plan committee is made up of nine members including Matthew Barlow, Louise Costa, Graeme Hannigan, Mark Labozzetta, Andrew Larkin, Jasmin Le Deux, Crystal Pateman, Sarah Pain and Anne Spittles.

Draft Rushworth Place Based Plan open for comment

After months of community consultation and engagement, the Rushworth Place Based Plan is now available for the community to review.

The Rushworth Place Based Plan Committee worked alongside independent consultant Community Vibe to guide the development of the plan.

During the next six weeks, Rushworth community members will have the opportunity to read and discuss the contents of the plan and provide feedback before it takes the next step, being tabled to Council.

You can read the draft Rushworth Place Based Plan and submit feedback below or in person at Council’s Customer Service Centres.

A number of drop-in sessions will also be taking place throughout the town in the coming weeks for community to give feedback on the plan. Drop-in sessions are:

  • Saturday, 17 February from 8am - 1pm
    Rushworth Market
  • Thursday, 29 February from 1 - 3pm
    Rushworth IGA
  • Friday, 8 March from 10am - 1pm
    Gus and Ollies 
  • Thursday, 14 March from 11am - 2pm
    Rushworth Bakery

Submissions close at 11.59pm on Sunday, 31 March.

You can view the draft Rushworth Place Based Plan here(PDF, 7MB).

To provide feedback on the draft Place Based Plan complete the form below:

Feedback Form

Township Facility Planning

Township Facility Planning looks at the future of the town's assets and identifies whether a facility should be renewed, upgraded, repurposed or retired.

Rushworth is yet to start Township Facility Planning.