Tongala is an agriculturally driven and predominantly dairy focused town located 25 kilometres from Echuca. Named by settler Edward Curr in 1841, Tongala is believed to have originated from the word 'Dhungala', meaning Murray River.

In recent history, Tongala has become well known for its street art, war memorial, hay bale trail and other historical and creative pursuits. 

Tongala is home to significant industry including CopRice, McColls Transport and HW Greenham and Sons. The town boasts two primary schools, a supermarket, recreation facilities and many small businesses. 

Place Based Planning

Place Based Plans focus on making places better. The process involves looking at, listening to, and engaging with community members who live, work and play in a particular place (from a street to an entire town) to understand their needs and aspirations. For example, improved access to public transport. Ultimately, what do you want your town to look like, function like and feel like?

The Tongala Place Base Plan was developed through a wide-ranging consultation process where over 600 residents provided input.

Tongala's Place Based Plan was endorsed at the June 2023 Council meeting.

To view the Place Based Plan, click here(PDF, 9MB).

The Tongala Place Based Plan identified the following vision:

“In 2032, Tongala district is:

A modern and progressive rural community

Defined by productive business and agricultural land

Unified by its strong and inclusive community spirit

Thriving because of our diverse people and businesses

A place of excellence.”

The next steps will be Council engaging with the community to implement this plan.

Township Facility Planning

Township Facility Planning looks at the future of the town's assets and identifies whether a facility should be renewed, upgraded, repurposed or retired.

The committee is skills based. Members must have background in either business, finance, construction, tourism, law, planning, real estate, recreation, or social wellbeing, in order to make informed decisions on the future of town assets.

Nominations have closed to join the Township Facility Plan Committee. Nominees will be contacted, however this contact may be delayed until the Place Based Plan is finalised.