Surrendering an animal

There are many reasons why people need to surrender their pets including owners moving into care facilities, moving overseas or the death of an owner.

If the need arises that you have to surrender your pet, it is important that you do not leave it to the last minute to organise.

Before surrendering

  • The health, temperament and behaviour will be assessed to deem whether the animal is suitable for rehoming
    • This can occur within the first 24 hours of arrival. 
  • Animals with known aggression, anti-social behaviours or known vices such as excessive barking or habitual escapees will not be rehomed. 

If you have no other options for rehoming your pet, the process is as follows:

Campaspe Shire resident

Can surrender the pet to the Campaspe Animal Shelter for rehoming.

Surrender fee

$27.50 per cat / kitten
$48.50 per dog / puppy

Non-Campaspe Shire resident

Must contact their local council for assistance with rehoming their pets.

Once an animal is surrendered to the Campaspe Animal Shelter the owner surrenders all rights to the animal and will not be advised of the animal's outcome.