Council seeking pre budget proposals

Published on 07 October 2022


Campaspe Shire Council is calling on the community to lodge pre budget proposals prior to the development of Council’s draft 2023/24 budget.

Mayor Chrissy Weller said this is the community’s chance to put forward proposals, which could be either project or service related.

“We need to hear from you so we are aware of the community’s needs, and this process enables residents to put forward their ideas.

“It might be a missing section of footpath, alerting us to a change of use to a building to suit particular needs, or a service that we deliver needs an increase.”

Mayor Weller said the preparation of the annual budget is an essential part of what local government does.

“It’s the balancing act of weighing up the cost of service delivery, meeting legal requirements, maintaining assets, and other key factors that shape our budget.

“While we are restricted in our expenditure and the majority is already committed towards the delivery of our 100 plus services, the management of community facilities and so much more.

“However, we encourage the community to give input on things you think we may have missed or would like us to exclude into the future.”

The draft 2023/24 budget will be released in mid-April 2023. All community members who have submitted pre budget proposals will be notified of the outcome of their proposal once the draft is completed.

“Community members will also have the chance to lodge submissions following the release of the draft budget,” said Mayor Weller.

“The draft budget allows for a 28 day submission period prior to Council finalising and adopting the budget.”

To lodge a pre budget proposal, go to Council’s website and complete the online form. Proposals can be lodged up to 5pm on Sunday, 30 October.

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