Key documents adopted by Council

Published on 21 October 2021


Campaspe Shire Council has adopted three key documents at this week’s meeting in line with legislative responsibilities.

Mayor, Cr Chrissy Weller said the both the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan and Road Management Plan are required to be completed or reviewed after each general election, and the Financial Plan, a new responsibility under the Local Government Act 2020, is required to be in place by 31 October.

“A draft of each document was released to the community for comment, along with many other new documents across recent months, and we thank the community for their contributions and input,” Cr Weller said.

“From a lay person’s perspective strategic documents can be a bit daunting, but rest assured the objectives set in each are very important in developing action plans or work plans, to see them come to life.”

Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan

“This plan focuses on the health and wellbeing of our community. The plan is not about the absence of disease, it’s about well, contented, satisfied and connected communities,” Cr Weller said.

The plan was developed using community feedback from the Community Vision project as well as working with partner organisations. Seven priority focus areas resulted:

Active and Healthy Lifestyle - Residents will have access to the resources and support required to live an active and healthy lifestyle

Socially Connected and Inclusive Campaspe – Campaspe will be a safe, connected and inclusive place to live

Addressing Mental Health Challenges - Mental health considerations will be integrated within all of our work

Equitable Access to Services - Residents enjoy equitable, effective, efficient access to services in our region

Food Secure Campaspe - Systems are in place to address food insecurity and reduce stigma for people accessing food relief services

Reducing Tobacco Related Harm - Residents will be supported to reduce smoking

Tackling Climate Change for Health - The Campaspe community will work together for an environmentally sustainable future.

Road Management Plan

“This plan details the standards for the maintenance and upgrade of roads, footpaths, drains and other road-related assets,” Cr Weller said.

“The aim is to ensure the community gets a well-maintained road system while addressing social, safety, environmental and transport network concerns.”

As a rural Council, Campaspe has an extensive road system to maintain. This is made up of approximately 1,100 kms of sealed roads, 2,050 kms of gravel roads, 500 kms of earth roads, 249 kms of footpaths, plus 69 bridges and major culverts, and 356 kms of kerb and channel.

This plan helps Council to maintain these assets strategically and resourcefully by detailing the inspection regime, defect intervention levels and defect repair response times for all these assets, and just as importantly, how this can be achieved within current resources.

Financial Plan

“The Financial Plan has a ten year focus and outlines the financial resources required to action the Council Plan and other Council strategies,” Cr Weller said.

“The assumptions and decisions made to support the financial forecasts are also outlined in the plan.”

All documents are available on Councils’ website.