Kerbside collection services

1. Waste bin - red lid

Your red bin is collected weekly and is for waste that is not reusable or recyclable and ends up buried in landfill.Bin-waste-red.jpg

Residents can select an 80-litre or 140-litre red bin. For households with medical requirements, six or more family members (medical evidence or Medicare card required) a 240-litre waste bin is available.

The following costs apply to waste bin services:

Township waste service with green bin

80-litre bin $180
140-litre-bin $225
240-litre bin
(6 or more family)
240-litre bin
(medical condition)

Township waste service without green bin

80-litre bin $230
140-litre-bin $290
240-litre bin
(6 or more family)
240-litre bin
(medical condition)

Rural areas

80-litre bin $199
140-litre-bin $250
240-litre bin

Order/change a bin service

To request a new service (or change an existing service), please lodge a service request:

  • Online at link
  • By calling on 1300 666 535
  • In person at one of our customer service centres

2. Recycling bin - yellow lid

Your yellow bin is collected fortnightly. Using your yellow recycling bin helps keep thousands of tonnes of material out of the Bin recycle yellowlandfill each year.

There are many items you can now recycle including:

  • glass bottles and jars
  • milk and juice cartons
  • aluminium/tin/steel cans including aerosol cans
  • plastics with recycle symbols 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 including milk, juice, soft drink, detergent, shampoo bottles, margarine, yoghurt and ice cream containers
  • paper products including letters, envelopes, advertising material, newspapers, magazines cardboard, telephone books, work and school papers

Our A-Z waste and recycling page has more detailed information.

Recycling - do not

Remember do not place the following items in your yellow bin:

  • general rubbish
  • plastic film, including plastic bags

Bins cost $61.50 per year and can be provided in 140-litre, 240-litre or 360-litre.

3. Food & garden waste bin - green lid

Your green lid bin is collected fortnightly. It is available to households in Echuca, Kyabram, Rochester, Tongala, Rushworth, Bin food garden green Girgarre, Gunbower, Colbinabbin, Stanhope and Lockington. All material from the food and garden waste bin (green bin) will be turned into a compost product and used on Victorian gardens, parks and farms.

Bins cost $55 per year and can be provided in 140-litre or 240-litre.

To order your green bin, please lodge a service request:

  • Online at link
  • By calling Council on 1300 666 535
  • In person at one of our customer service centres

What can you put in your green bin?

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Seafood, fish, meat and bones
  • Egg shells
  • Dairy products (ie cheese)
  • Bread, cereal, pasta and rice
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • All leftover food (cooked and raw)
  • All processed foods (ie pizza crusts, etc)
  • Used paper towel, tissues and napkins
  • Lawn clippings
  • Garden prunings (including weeds and rose trimmings)
  • Twigs and branches (under 100mm in diameter)
  • Animal poo
  • Compostable bags (only AS 4736 with seedling symbol)

If my green bin is too heavy, what should I do?

Trucks are unable to pick up bins that weigh over 60kg.

Here are some tips to reduce bin weight:

  • Do not fill your bin right to the top with wet clippings (excess moisture can make the bin too heavy)
  • Leave your bin lid open in winter (using a block of wood, etc) to allow the contents to dry
  • Let damp clippings dry out first before placing in your bin
  • Do not put soil or rocks in the green bin (and rocks do not compost)
  • More frequent mowing will reduce volume
  • Put your bins out every collection time, even if they’re not full
  • Think about splitting large amounts across two bin collections
  • Keep the size of twigs and branches less than 100mm thick

If your bin is filling up too quickly:

  • Request an additional bin
  • Additional green bins are $55 each per year – 140 (medium) or 240 (large) litre sizes available
  • Take your excess to a Resource Recovery Centre
    • Use your recycling voucher to dispose of your green bin contents at your local resource recovery centre (remember: food waste cannot be mulched at transfer stations so please leave this in your green bin for your next collection)

Food scrap caddy

Visit our webpage to see options for food scrap caddy, how to manage smells and where to buy compostable bags.