Household chemicals disposal

Household chemical collection

Chemicals you use round your home can be dangerous. They can harm your family and pets, add extra fuel to a house fire, release toxic fumes and damage the environment. 

The following household chemicals can be safely disposed of through Sustainability Victoria’s Detox Your Home program: cooking oil, paint, cleaning products, cosmetics, fuels and weed killers to name a few

Sustainability Victoria provides a free service for the safe disposal of these and other household chemicals. The chemical waste is then recycled, meaning less potentially harmful waste going to landfill. 

You can safely dispose of these chemicals by: 

  • dropping off to one of the Detox Your Home mobile collection services held at various locations across Victoria each year

DO NOT dispose of household chemicals by throwing them out with your regular household rubbish in Council bins.

DO NOT pour them down the drain. 

Visit the Sustainability Victoria website for more information, including a complete list of the accepted products.