Transfer station vouchers

Resource recovery centre vouchers (tip vouchers) are distributed to Campaspe ratepayers and assist with some of the costs associated with waste disposal.

Vouchers can only be used for recyclable and recoverable materials, to further encourage good waste management practices among residents and bring Council’s voucher system in line with federal, state and regional resource recovery strategies and legislation.

With the majority of Campaspe residents being committed recyclers, resource recovery centre vouchers support our community in their recycling efforts, thereby helping to create a healthier environment while reducing the overall cost of waste management to ratepayers through improved resource recovery and less landfill expenses.

Most items can be taken to the resource recovery centre for free. The vouchers however, can be used for all materials able to be diverted from landfill and recycled, that otherwise attract a fee. These materials include:

  • garden organics
  • refrigerators and air conditioners  
  • mattresses
  • clean fill soil (at Echuca)
  • concrete, bricks and tiles (at Echuca and Mt Scobie)
  • tyres
  • couches 
  • gas bottles (up to 9kg empty, LPG only) and fire extinguishers

To find out which items are free to dispose of at the resource recovery centres, view the resource recovery centre fees page.