Textiles are clothes, sheets, cloths, towels, rags and any other textile items that cannot go in your kerbside collection bins (red, yellow or green bin). Some options for recycling textiles include: 

  1. Reuse your items 
    Repurpose, reuse or rewear your items to increase its lifespan and make use of items you usually wouldn’t.

  2. Donate 
    Textile items of quality condition can be recycled by donating them to a range of Op Shops.

  3. Sell items online 
    Textile items that are no longer wanted can be sold on third party sites including Facebook Marketplace, Depop and Poshmark, to name a few.

  4. Drop it at our Resource Recovery Centres
    Drop your textile waste at our Resource Recovery Centres for free. We have dedicated textile waste skips available to dispose of your old clothes, sheets, clothes, towels and rags appropriately.  

For more information on what goes in other bins, please visit our pages on What goes in your red bin, What goes in your yellow bin, What goes in your green bin and our A-Z guide to recycling.