What goes in your green bin?

To find out when your bins are collected and check if your property is eligible for a service click here. Your green bin (food and garden waste bin) is for food scraps, garden pruning’s and some organic material. The bin is collected every fortnight.  

Yes, these items can go in your green bin Tick.png

If you are bagging items into this bin, please make sure to use compostable bags with the seedling symbol.

  • Green waste generated in the garden (such as grass clippings, weeds)
  • Plants, small branches (<100 diameter)
  • Paper straws used
  • Takeaway coffee cups, lids (if they have seedling symbol)
  • All food waste
  • Coffee grinds, tea leaves, tea bags
  • Used paper towels, tissues, serviettes
  • Contaminated paper and cardboard (such as used pizza boxes)
  • Animal waste
  • Paper based cat litter
  • Human hair, animal hair, animal feathers
  • Compostable packaging with seeding symbol AS code 

No, these items cannot go in your green bin Cross.png

  • Any plastic that is not compostable
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Fruit stickers
  • Nappies, wet wipes
  • Coffee pods (including compostable pods)
  • Gardening tools, equipment
  • Plastic pot plants, plant tags 

For more information on what goes in other bins, please visit our pages on What goes in your red bin, What goes in your yellow bin and our A-Z guide to recycling.  

What happens to your garden and food? 

The contents of your food and garden bin to a commercial composter where the load is sorted through and visual contamination is removed. Then material is then composted to break down all the pathogens to become high quality compost that can be used to grow more food.   

Food scrap caddy

Visit our webpage to see options for food scrap caddy, how to manage smells and where to buy compostable bags.