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Residents are able to recycle their household glass bottles and jars for free in the glass skip bins at any of Council’s Resource Recovery Centres.

What goes in the glass skip?

Thanks to funding from the State Government’s Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, designated glass recycling skip bins are located at all Campaspe Resource Recovery Centres, enabling all materials collected to be recycled and turned into new products. 

Yes, these items can go in the glass skip bins Tick.png

  • Glass bottles (of any size, intact or broken - with lids on)
  • Jars for food and drinks (of any size, intact or broken - with lids on)
  • Glass medicine bottles (of any size, intact or broken)
  • Glass toiletries or cosmetics (of any size, intact or broken) (e.g. lotions or oils)

No, these items cannot go in the glass skip bins Cross.png

  • Loose lids from jars or bottles
  • Bottle pumps, spray nozzles, corks or droppers
  • Soft plastics
  • Metal, plastic, paper or cardboard containers
  • Bottles or jars with contamination (including cigarette buds, straws, food or liquids)
  • Glass kitchenware
  • Glass household items (picture frames, decorative glass items, appliances, perfume or aftershave bottles, essential oils or candle jars)
  • Medical or laboratory glass
  • Plate glass or fibre class (windscreens or house windows)
  • Eye glasses or sunglasses

For more information on what goes in other bins, please visit our pages on What goes in your red binWhat goes in your yellow binWhat goes in your green bin and our A-Z guide to recycling.

What happens to your glass? 

Materials collected are recycled and used in either construction or turned into other glass material. By separating the glass from recycling, Council is increasing the amount of grass that is recycled and reducing contamination through the yellow bin.