The Campaspe Shire Council is a film-friendly location while balancing the local amenity of residents and businesses. The information on this page relates to commercial filming, including television, feature and short films, advertising, documentaries, commercial films, music videos and internet based exhibitions.

Most commercial filming activities requires the producers to apply for a permit for the use of a public space. This ensures the activity is in accordance with the regulations of this council/department. A list of our general terms and conditions are outlined in Policy 80 - Filming Activities.

Do You Need a Permit? (Low Impact Filming)

Most people conducting commercial filming must apply for a permit to use public space. However, if your filming activities are minor and ‘low impact’, you won’t need to fill out the application for a permit - but you’ll still need to obtain our permission by contacting us.

To approve a low impact filming activity, we’ll require proof of your current public liability insurance. Low impact filming activities are defined by these criteria:

  • A filming activity of six people or less (includes all production crew and talent)
  • No more than one camera, one tripod, and handheld sound recording equipment
  • Public safety is maintained at all times and all public pathways, footpaths and roads must not be blocked

Filming Permits

We will respond to your film permit application within 14 business days of receiving it. Please note that if we need to make complex arrangements for your filming activity it may take us more than 14 days to issue a permit. To apply for a permit, please complete the application form here.

Filming Permit Fees

While there are currently no specific filming fees, there may be flow on fees for other requirements of your filming activity. In some situations, a bond or guarantee may also be required prior to use of public open space.


For enquiries please contact the Communications Unit on 5481 2200.