Community equipment grants

Community equipment grants provide assistance to community groups and sporting clubs to purchase equipment to support programs and activities.

Before applying:

  • read the funding eligibility and requirements on this webpage
  • speak with Council's Community Grants Officer on 5481 2200.

Eligibility criteria

Incorporated not-for-profit organisations and groups are eligible to apply if they:

  • Are located within the Council area and primarily serve Campaspe Shire residents.
  • Can demonstrate their capacity (if located outside of the Campaspe Shire Council) to provide services and/or benefits to Council residents by forming partnerships with one or more local community groups.
  • Have a current ABN or are auspiced/sponsored by an incorporated body with an ABN.
  • If a school, can demonstrate a partnership with one or more local community group(s) for the delivery of the funded activity. Applications from schools require approval from the school's governing council/board prior to making application.
  • Can establish (if asked) the bona fides of their group by providing the following information:
  • a copy of their constitution / statement of purpose;
  • a copy of the minutes from their most recent AGM;
  • a membership application form and annual cost of membership (if any); total membership numbers and the percentage of members who are residents of Campaspe Shire; and
  • the name and contact details of group members who are authorised to speak on behalf of the group.
  • Councillors, staff and members of their households are ineligible to receive community equipment grants, sponsorships or donations. However, community and sporting groups are not precluded from applying for, or receiving these grants, just because a member of their group lives in the same household as a councillor, or staff member.

Funding priorities

Equipment grants are available to support community groups and sporting clubs:

  • Conduct local events, activities and programs that celebrate and encourage a diverse, inclusive and welcoming community.
  • Promote art in public spaces, including community buildings, streetscapes, and open spaces.
  • Support a resilient community through community involvement, social connections and life-long learning.
  • Provide sporting, and recreational programs and facilities that support active and healthy lifestyles for all ages and abilities.
  • Support community health, wellbeing and safety.
  • Recognise our unique local cultural identity and heritage.

Ineligible applications

Projects, initiatives, events or resources are considered ineligible if they:

  • Clearly duplicate an existing service, program, project or event.
  • Have a political or religious purpose and objectives.
  • Are deemed to be inappropriate or offensive.
  • Seek to make financial profits, charge entry/participation fees more than a gold coin donation or undertake commercial activities.
  • Are considered the primary role or responsibility of another level of government, including the State Education Department and the Commonwealth Departments responsible for Aged and Disability.
  • Are eligible for funding by other levels of government.
  • Are not open and/or accessible to the wider Campaspe Shire Council community.
  • Seek funding for recurrent operating, for the day-to-day operation of the organisation/ group.
  • Seek funding for salaries, where the salary forms part of the organisation’s/individuals usual responsibility (not including instructors or tuition fees).
  • Seek funding for the payment of travelling allowances or prize money.
  • Seek funding for projects or initiatives which have already commenced or been completed prior to the application being lodged.
  • Seek funding for large capital expenditure – ie purchase or lease of real estate, renovation, repair or maintenance of buildings or purchase of major equipment.
  • Seek funding that is to be used for overseas purchase without approval by Council.

How are applications assessed?

All applications will be assessed to determine the extent to which their intended purchase/s support the funding priorities.

All applications are accepted every second month, in:

  • July
  • September
  • November
  • January
  • March
  • May

Applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application within six weeks of their application. In cases where the Administration recommend less than the grant funding applied for, the applicant will be contacted and advised.

Assessment for Community Equipment Grants will consider the following:

  • The application identifies clear outcome/s resulting from the purchase/s.
  • The application addresses one or more of the funding priorities.
  • The application clearly demonstrates the link between the purchase/s and the intended outcome/s.
  • A plan for adding to, or growing, target group/s outlined.
  • How it will promote inclusivity of all members of our community and accessibility for all.
  • The application outlines matched funding, in kind support or partner contribution (financial and in kind).
  • The purchase/s are made in and support Campaspe Shire businesses.
  • Value for money in regard to the items being purchased.


All successful applicants will be required to provide an acquittal report on outcomes achieved with the funding, within eight weeks of the purchase/s being made.

The report must include receipts and a short statement on the effectiveness of the program/ event/ equipment in achieving the stated outcomes in the application.

Expenditure statements must be signed by the appointed Treasurer of the organisation where applicable.

General requirements

  • Grants funding must be returned to Council if purchase/s do not proceed.
  • Applications will not be accepted when the same applicant submits multiple applications with no indication of priority based on need.
  • Applicants may only receive one equipment grant per year.
  • Financial acquittal forms must be completed within eight weeks of the activity being completed unless otherwise negotiated.
  • Applications must be completed in full, or they will not be accepted.
  • All applications must include an itemised budget and quotes for each item.
  • Council will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by an applicant in preparing their application or as a result of an applicant anticipating approval of their application.
  • Approval of applications is subject to annual budgetary limitations.
  • Grant funds must not be used for out of Shire purchases without approval from Council.
  • Receipt of an equipment grant must be acknowledged by the club in it’s next club communication, and within eight weeks, a copy of the communication must be provided with the acquittal report.
  • If considering the use of Council’s logo in the acknowledgement, contact Council's Communications team – do not download the logo from a website.
  • If statements contained in the application process are found to be untrue or incorrect, the grant funds must be returned to Council.

How much can I apply for?

The maximum grant is $2,000.

Applicants can only apply for one grant per financial year. When the annual grants budget has reached its limit, all rounds will be closed until the following financial year.

Apply online

Once you have read the conditions of this funding program, applications must be made online. 

Online application here.

Hints to completing your application:

  • Save your progress
  • Reduce the size of documents uploaded
  • Some fields are 'required' and must be completed



Help and advice

Applicants should contact Council's Community Grants Officer on 5481 2200, in the first instance while planning their community grant application.