Community grants program

Community grants program

Applications open Friday, 1 March and closed at 5pm on Friday, 12 April 2024.

Council’s Community Grants Program, offers financial support to not-for-profit community organisations, groups and associations for projects, exhibitions and/or performances that contribute to the municipality and support Council’s vision.

"We are strong, supportive, vibrant and sustainable."


This grant program aims to:

  • Support not-for-profit community groups provide a range of opportunities for residents;
  • Facilitate support for initiatives that strengthen the community through opportunities for participation, development, inclusion and sustainability;
  • Foster support across a range of pursuits and interest areas including health and welfare, community support, arts and culture, sports and recreation, youth, ageing, environment, access and equity;
  • Provide an equitable opportunity for groups to seek funding assistance from Council.

Funding priorities

Priority will be given to applications that respond to identified community needs and align with Council’s vision, corporate objectives, priorities and strategies.

The Community Grants Program will prioritise its support when the applicant:

  • is based within the municipal boundaries;
  • has limited means to access other sources of funding;
  • has sought funding/in-kind support from other sources, when the applicant is deemed to be in a position to do so;
  • is not already in receipt of funding/in-kind support from council;
  • is proposing an activity that is innovative or unique for the Campaspe Shire Council.

And, the proposed activity:

How much can I apply for?

Applications can be for a maximum of $4,000.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must be an:

  • incorporated not for profit group, or
  • a Crown Committee of Management, or
  • a Government Department on behalf of a community group.

or have their application submitted by an appropriate auspicing body, which meets the above criteria.

Note: Organisations that have licensed gaming / gambling facilities or derive funds from gambling are ineligible to apply

Applicants must be able to demonstrate:

  • direct benefits to the residents of the Campaspe Shire;
  • financial viability and competence;
  • adequate public liability insurance and appropriate health and safety policies in accordance with the funding agreement;
  • a contribution in the form of funds, services and/ or in kind support;
  • that they are based in the shire or deliver significant services to the shire’s community;
  • their ability to plan effectively and be well organised;
  • that they have no outstanding grant acquittals or outstanding debts owing to Council. 

Applications must be submitted the due date AND only one application per funding round. 

What will be funded?

This program aims to deliver programs, projects and activities that benefit the residents of the Campaspe Shire and align with Council’s priorities and strategic directions.

  • Purchase of equipment or materials.
  • Programs supporting the development of the group, providing opportunities to share skills and encourage participation.
  • Programs that address access issues for people with disabilities, cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds and disadvantaged groups in accordance with the Council's Access and Inclusion Plan.
  • Programs that improve social connectedness and/ or physical or mental health, and providing access to recreation and leisure opportunities for all ages.
  • Programs and activities that contribute to strengthening communities within the Campaspe Shire, and create new opportunities for community participation in social, learning, and civic activities.
  • Programs that encourage volunteering and achieve a range of practical outcomes that directly benefit volunteers by making their work easier, safer and more enjoyable.
  • Projects which help protect and restore the natural environment and include projects that build community appreciation and knowledge.
  • Projects that support our historical past and the development of arts and culture initiatives. 

While there are no specific requirements on the types of projects and activities that are eligible for funding, it is essential that applicants identify how their project or activity will benefit the community.

Projects and activities that can demonstrate contributing to the Council Plan will be weighted more favourably in the assessment process.

Successful funding in this round does not imply ongoing funding.

Groups should always work towards a sustainable funding model for ongoing projects. 

What will not be considered for funding?

Applications will not be considered include:

  • applications from a group with any outstanding grant acquittals or debts owed to Council;
  • applications for retrospective funding;
  • recurrent or ongoing salaries and on-costs;
  • insurance, such as (but not limited to) public liability;
  • applications for prizes, wages;
  • social excursions, eg. bus trips to the zoo or picnic;
  • hire of commercial venues;
  • applications applying to another Council funding stream for the same activity. 

Important dates

Dates for the next round of applications:

1 March Applications now open
12 April Applications close at 5pm
May/June Assessment of applications
18 June

Council meeting to approve funding

Funding announcements made

July Funding provided

How will my application be assessed?

Applications will first be reviewed to ensure that they are eligible for consideration, such as quotations provided, application signed, incorporation current.

If an auspiced application has the auspice completed the authorisation?

Applications are assessed by a panel, appointed by the Chief Executive Officer, and will use the following assessment matrix.

Criteria Description
Community / social benefit

Involvement of community members, enrichment of the shire.

For example:

  • A plan for engaging the target group is outlined.
  • The activity or event is being held within Campaspe Shire Council (mandatory).
  • The application outlines what measures will be used to evaluate whether it has been successful in achieving the stated outcome/s – includes both qualitative and quantitative measures.

Contribution by group or others to the project either cash and/or in-kind, including project partnership participation (not just financial contribution).

For example:

  • The application outlines a plan for delivery – including consideration of risk, integration with other partners and innovation.
  • The application outlines matched funding, in kind support or partner contribution (financial and in kind).
Council Plan alignment The application identifies a clear outcome/s, aligned to the strategic priorities of Council as outlined by the Council Plan.

One off project/event.

For example:

  • The application responds to one or more of the grant program priority areas.
  • The application demonstrates innovation and evidence and/or clear reason for why it has been developed.
  • The application demonstrates consideration of:
    • environmental sustainability
    • inclusivity of all members of our community and accessibility for all
    • low or no cost for disadvantaged groups
    • sustainability - not reliant on ongoing grant funding.
Economic benefit Increase spending to retail, industry and accommodation, enhancement of economic base, or funds spent locally.

Grant application panels will develop recommendations for funding. 

These recommendations will be presented to Council for approval, funding decisions will then be communicated to applicants. 

Lodging your application

To be eligible for assessment, applications must be completed in full with all questions answered and documents attached as requested.

Please note: only one application can be made.

Attachments required for an application:

  • Auspiced applicants must ensure that their auspicing organisation has completed the declaration page of the application form.
  • If your project is to take place in / on a site or venue not owned by you, you must obtain the consent and support of the landowner and have them sign the declaration.
  • All applicants must attach a copy of their current public liability insurance certificate.
  • All applicants have the option to attach additional material in support of their application such as letters of support, photos or recent media coverage. 

Note: Applications need to be completed in full.

All supporting documentation requested; including public liability insurance, quotes etc. if relevant, must be submitted at the time of the application.

Applications that do not include all of the required information will not be accepted. 

Other important information

  • If a group lodges more than one application, Council will ask the group to choose one application for assessment. Multiple applications from the same group will not be assessed.
  • Applications submitted will be acknowledged via a confirmation letter.
  • Successful applicants will need to enter into a Funding Agreement, which outlines the conditions under which the grant will be made available. Council may make funding conditional and subject to specific conditions being met.
  • Funding is provided via EFT, once the Funding Agreement is completed.
  • Applications will not be accepted if a group owes Council money or has an overdue outstanding report on a previous grant.
  • Successful applicants will need to acknowledge Council’s support. For example an official Council logo must be used on any promotional material or at any official events associated with the activity and on any produced literature.
  • Successful applicants will need to report on how the grant was spent (acquittal).
  • Successful applicants of grants less than $1,000 will need to provide evidence of expenditure in the form of a letter, a photo or newspaper article.
  • Applicants must not spend money on the proposed activity before funding decisions are announced. This is considered retrospective funding, which is not eligible for support.
  • Funding is not automatic on application. All requests are subject to consideration on their individual merits. 
  • If a group indicates that Council's grant will go towards money from other sources, the group will need to provide evidence that they have this money. If the group cannot provide this evidence, the grant will only be provided on a pro rata basis.

Apply online

Applications are now closed. All applicants will be contacted with the outcome of their applications.

Steps to acquit your grant

To acquit your grant, you will need your log in and password details to the online portal.

Click here to access portal

  1. Go to "my pending submissions".
  2. Follow the prompts to complete your acquittal and submit.


Help and advice

Applicants should contact Council's Community Grants Officer on 5481 2200, in the first instance while planning their community grant application.

Staff with a range of technical expertise from across Council are available to discuss specific queries or ideas you may have; they can advise you about what to include in your application.