Understanding your rates

Your rate notice is made up of a rate charge, a municipal charge, a waste charge and a fire service levy.


Rate charge

Your rate charge is calculated on the Capital Improved Value of your property. This is determined by property valuations which are calculated annually by the independent Victorian Valuer General. 

Your property value determines your share of the total rates bill. The key factor in determining your share is how your property value has moved in comparison to average movement of properties across the shire.

Municipal charge

To cover some of the administrative costs of operating Council, each rateable property in Campaspe Shire is charged $200 a year. 

A ratepayer may apply to Council for exemption from payment if: 

  1. The exemption is claimed on farm land and
  2. The rateable land forms part of a single farm enterprise and
  3. An exemption is not claimed for at least one other rateable property which forms part of a single farm enterprise and
  4. In the case of a single farm enterprise which is occupied by more than one principle place of residence. 

You can apply for a single farm exemption by contacting the Rates Unit. The closing date for single farm exemption is 31 January each year. 

Waste charge 

Kerbside waste collection is one of the vital services provided by all local councils. View the Bin collection services webpage for details about waste, recycling, and food and garden organic services and charges.

The charges you pay fully fund the cost of providing all waste services including the operating costs of landfills and transfer stations across the shire. 

Fire services levy

From 1 July 2013, the Fire Services Levy was removed from insurance schemes. This is now collected through Council rates which means that all property owners contribute to funding Victoria's fire services, not just those with adequate insurance.

The levy includes a fixed charge as well as a variable component, which is calculated based on the type of property you own.

For more information, visit the State Revenue Office website.